March 10, 2018

Tritons Battle Rain at Ventura Invitational

March 10th, 2018 - Ventura High School

For the Second weekend in a row the Tritons battled poor weather conditions, but still produced impressive results. 

Girls Junior/Senior Division

Junior Dajshai Bennett was 5th and 3rd overall in the 100m and 200m dash. Senior Kierra Sherrod was 3rd in both the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles. Gillian Serate was 7th place overall in the long jump. The 4x100m relay team consisting of Dajshai, Kierra, Gillian, and Samantha Tamayo was 3rd place overall, shaving off over a second from last week's time. 

Boys Junior/Senior Division

Senior Cyrus Prudhomme was the overall winner in the 100m dash. The 4x100m relay team consisting of Cyrus, Michael Chester, Khaleed Benson, and Fabian Lupian was 3rd place overall. The 4 x 800m relay team consisting of Brian Palomar, Ruben Ruiz, Jamshid Atashbar, and Isaac Cho was 4th place overall. Senior Jacob Guzman was 7th and 9th in the Shot Put and Discus. Senior Victor Santander was 10th overall in the 110m hurdles. 

Girls Freshmen/Sophomore Division

Sophomore Denise Cardona was 8th place overall in the Discus. Samantha Dianni and Macey Holmes were 8th and 9th place overall in the Long Jump.

Boys Freshmen/Sophomore Division

The boys were 2nd place overall in points out of 19 teams. Sophomore Malik Sherrod was the overall winner in the 110m hurdles and 300m hurdles. He was also 2nd place overall in the 100m dash. Kyrie Wilson was the overall winner in the Long Jump and 200m dash, and was 4th place in the 100m dash. Michael Johnson was 3rd place overall in the 100m dash. The 4x100m relay team consisting of Malik, Kyrie, Michael, and Savonne Farmer were 1st place overall. Freshmen Christian Alejandre was 3rd and 5th in the Discus and Shotput. Freshmen Devin Aupiu was 6th place in the High Jump. Isaiah Moon was 7th place in the Long Jump. The 4x800m relay team consisting of Manuel Guerrero, Jonathan Saucedo, Daniel Martinez, and Alejandro Gonzalez were 7th place overall. 

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