Palos Verdes High School, California

The Tritons traveled to Palos Verdes California this past Friday to compete in the legendary Palos Verdes Invitational. The unique 2 mile competition, which included "Agony Hill", hay-bale hurdles, and a creek crossing produced some great results for Pacifica High School. 

Medal earners on the boys side included sophomore Jonathan Saucedo with 11th place overall finish which was 6th among the 27 team #1 runners. Senior Ruben Ruiz was 19th overall and 5th among #2 runners. Senior Alejandro Gonzalez was 30th overall and 6th among #3 runners. Sophomore Daniel Martinez was 63rd overall and 9th among #5 runners. 

Senior Gabriel Olivares was 36th overall and 11th among #4 runners. Gabriel Barbabosa was 103rd overall and Christopher Duran was 109th. 

On the girls side medal earners included Senior Yaneli Calderon who was 36th overall and 6th among team #1 runners. Senior Joanna Dam was 50th overall and 9th among team #2 runners. Senior Paulina Tapia was 52nd overall and 10th among team #3 runners. Senior Maricela Betancourt was 62nd overall and 9th among team #4 runners. 

Senior Leanna Magdaleno and sophomore Alejandra Duran were 66th and 67th overall. Sophomore Marissa Rodriguez was 86th overall. Senior Liliana Gomez was 103rd overall. 

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